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Prof. Givens has experience teaching a wide variety of undergraduate classes as well as law school and master's courses. He teaches classes of varying sizes, from one on one Oxbridge tutorials to small seminars to large lectures. John designed and taught hybrid and asynchronous online courses as well as traditional face to face classes. His courses include those on US and Asian politics, Asian culture and history, Political Economy, International Law, and a variety of China-focused courses on politics, law, culture, business, economics, and foreign policy. He particularly enjoys working with diverse student populations like those at Kennesaw State.


Teaching Interests:​

Modern China

East Asian Development

Politics in Authoritarian Regimes

Law and Society

International Law

Comparative Politics

Political Economy

Politics and Technology

Research Methods

Comparative Politics

Politics of Music

Politics of Fantasy and Science Fiction

For a full list of courses previously taught, please see his Curriculum Vitae

Sample Syllabi
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